mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

Silvia's final assignment after 30 hours of English. C1.4 level:

Rational description:

I took this picture during an excursion in the Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia). Plivitce is a huge, beautiful park, famous for its natural lakes, its wonderful cascades and square kilometers of uncontaminated woods. Of the 16 lakes that can be seen, that on the picture is the highest (altitude) and the largest one; its name is “Prošćansko jezero”.  The flat surface of the lake reflects the light like a mirror giving a striking view in which sky and water become the same thing.

Irrational/ fantastic/creative description:

1)      Drawing inspiration from the pictures I tried to imagine that what we see is not just an optical effect but that under the water surface there is a real submerged world. In this fantasy world, the reality is similar to what we know but with the difference that everything is surrounded by water.

In this world, people would swim instead of walking, and wouldn’t be able to speak without emitting bubbles from their mouths!

This water world could have many advantages:

-          nobody would be worried about staining, washing or ironing clothes;

-          people could go out without umbrella even if in the other world  it’s raining ;

-          the meaning of “thirst” would be unknown!  

2) As the stretch of water turns upside down the landscape, I imagined that in this reversed world all things could be upside down. People could move around walking upside down “head over heels” in this way:


And if we want to imagine even more funny situations, people could wear their clothes still in normal position so with their arms inside the jeans, their hands inside the shoes and with their legs inside the sweater. The effect would be like this:

In that world people would live in strange houses with the roof well-fixed to the ground…

…and all the population would be used to communicate speaking in reverse. It could be normal to meet someone and say:

“Ih” instead of Hi

“Olleh” instead of Hello

“gninrom doog” to say good morning!!!


In this upside down world we would cry when we are happy and we would laugh when we are sad, but to tell the truth sometimes this thing already happens in our “straight” world! 


Purtroppo abbiamo avuto difficoltà con l'inserimento delle immagini che non sono state accettate, ma proverò a descrivere in parole quanto Silvia aveva incluso:

1) Una prima grande foto introduttiva, la sua foto. Una catena montuosa riflessa nella immagine a specchio di un lago. Cielo intenso, nuvole grosse in movimento, vento ed uno specchio d'acqua fermo, impassibile.

2) Una persona che cammina sulle mani. Braccia allargate per tenere la posizione e gambe allargate verso il cielo. Una posizione di perfetta apertura verso il mondo, un perfetto uomo vitruviano a testa in giù.

3) Ah questa foto faceva troppo ridere. un uomo che cammina sulle mani, gambe in aria ... ma anzichè avere gli indumenti al posto giusto ... le gambe con i piedi nudi che "sventolano" al vento sono coperte da una simpatica camicia a righe mentre la testa e le braccia "indossano" dei pantaloni scuri e le mani corrono lungo il marciapiedi.

4) Infine una foto veramente troppo peculiare. Una casa vera, ma proprio vera ... capovolta. Cioè il tetto è sul prato mentre le fondamenta guardano verso l'alto. Si entra dalle finestre sul tetto mentre il pavimento della casa funge da copertura.

Ecco, Silvia Vitulo ... sei stata eccezzionale. Leggere ed osservare un compito fatto con talmente tanto spirito e passione ... well done!